Startups Need PR

In this post we will be sharing some expert advice from businesses that are at the cutting edge of PR. PR can be used in several different ways but more commonly it is a way for companies to grow. Startups need to create a buzz around their product or service and for this they need the expert help on a PR agency or company. This tactic is sometimes known as gorilla marketing.

This strategy is something that is ideal for startup companies looking to make a name for themselves and grow organically in a rapid fashion. social media and the rise in people looking online for information and consuming news online has created a unique situation where businesses are turning to digital over more traditional forms of marketing. This has also forced more traditional media platforms to adapt and become more digital

we spoke with the owner of an online startup Get Me My Mortgage about their need to build their presence online to compete in a competitive market. ‘being a startup in the mortgage industry is hard, the more traditional ways of taking out ads in papers and paying for air time on the radio are simply not as effective as they used to be. This led us to develop a pr strategy that allowed our brand to gain a following online and also authority within the industry which has helped us to organically grow without a huge cash investment.

There are hundreds of examples globally of start ups that have used online methods to boost their business. One of the biggest examples is Facebook started from a dorm room in mark zuckerburgs bedroom he used the harvard network to grow users on the platform and then users themselves invited and shared the site online until it took off leading to the creating of one of the biggest social networks on the planet.

If you are looking for a job in the PR industry it may prove beneficial to look for an interesting startup that may be looking to take a less experienced more affordable PR person to help there business grow.