Different Kinds of PR

When starting out it is good to get an understanding of the different types of PR that you can get into. Choosing one doesn’t mean that you will be pigeon holed into this kind of job for your whole career, the skills you gain will be transferable into any kind of PR

We wrote a short guide to the different types of PR so that you can get a feel for which area you would be most interested in starting in.

Media relations 

If you are looking to write press releases, schedule interviews and even speak at press conferences. Media relations may be the right avenue for you. The main aim of media relations is to gain coverage and raise awareness of your brand or company through the media.

Media relations is about finding an angle that can peak the interest of the media with a story that they will want to cover. This gains your brand/Business essentially free publicity and will help to increase the brands recognition.

Essential skills for Media Relations would be someone that can find a story and hook that will get the media talking.

Community relations

Community relations is all about working to develop or improve a companies relationship with a community or area. This is an important role that helps to keep a company viewed in a positive light by the general public. It can also help to improve a negative image if there has been one in the past.

This is usually done by supporting local projects or communities. Getting the public engaged with your brand and letting them know your companies ethical mindset and portray your company in a positive light through giving back to the community.

Corporate and social responsibility

Similar to community relations a corporate and social responsibilities is about changing or keeping a positive image of the company. This will mean looking at the internal workings of the company and being able to spot areas that can be improved to ensure that the company is being responsible and ‘playing its part’. Such as recycling policies, going green, carbon foot print. Its about spotting and changing any potential issues before they could negatively impact the business.

Public affairs

Public affairs will involve working and making contacts within the government and large organisations. This kind of PR is also known as lobbying and it is all about getting the government on your side to help your business or organisation.

Social media

Most companies these days use social media in some form or another, whether it is for raising awareness or answering the public on company issues.

Being quick to answer issues is key to gaining a good social media presence. It also allows a company to show a lighter side and help increase positivism towards a company

There are many other forms of PR that you may learn about but all forms will require you to be a good networker and quick thinker.