The Last Minute Internship

The most popular season for internships has already started, but that doesn’t mean its too late for you to get involved in a program. Whether your first choices passed you by or you put off applying till now, there are still internships to be had for those who are willing to look. Larger companies with more structured and established programs have already ceased to accept applications, so focus your search on smaller and midsize employers.

Start your last minute search as quickly as possible by contacting your campus career center. Many companies give these offices notice about available internship programs in hopes of having students steered their way, so they may have a list of positions that are still available handy. Professors also often know what is going on locally in their field and maybe able to help a student they have faith in locate a last minute internship.

If neither of these yield any promising options, then try tapping into your social network. Maybe your parents, their acquaintances, or even your friend’s parents know about a company that is still looking for interns. Don’t be ashamed of utilizing those contacts. Getting a job is often about knowing the right people and having access to such information.

Another option is to call companies that you would be interested in working for directly and ask if they have any intern slots open. There is always the chance that they didn’t receive as may applications as they were expecting or that an intern dropped out of the program. In some cases companies that do regularly run internship programs will create an informal position for a student with good references who shows a lot of interest in working for them.

Since many students prefer to participate in internship programs during the summer, the competition for positions with the most prestigious companies is already high. If you are unable to secure a coveted slot with a company you’re interested it, don’t sweat it. Many employers are now offering internship programs during the fall and spring semesters. Although this may require you to take a semester off or increase your workload, the end results are certainly worth it. You stand to gain a considerable amount of workplace experience and the possibility of a job after graduation.