Top Tips For Non Profit PR

In this article we will be sharing tips to help non profit organisations use PR to help grow there non profit. Marketing for a non profit is not all about funds. Hosting events, sharing your mission and story are key for any non profit to raise awareness of who they are and what they are trying to achieve. The non profit market is just as competitive as the SME sector because there are only so many charities that people can donate too.

A large percentage of funds are raised by the national charities due to their huge marketing and fundraising efforts. Unfortunately this can mean that smaller local charities sometimes don’t get the funds that they need.

So far all you small charities out their we have put together some tips on how you can stand out from the crowd and help to raise awareness of your mission in a cost effective way that you dont need a giant marketing team or budget to succeed.

  1. Define Your Target Audience

One of the most important things any non profit should be doing when it comes to PR and marketing is defining their audience. Find out exactly who you want to target and who is likely to support your cause. You will then be able to research where your target audience is, are they on social media? Which platforms? Are they reading the news online? If so which is there favorite website?

Once you know your target audience and where to find them you can start building contacts in those areas and creating content and marketing materials that will attract the audience

2. Take advantage of free social media platforms

If you are not on social media, your missing out. This is where you will be able to grow your following and get your message across to the right people. It is also great for local marketing if you are hosting or having an event then this is definitely something you will want to share with your network on social media.

3. Build Loyalty

The best way to make the most out of your marketing and PR is to build brand loyalty with your donor and supporters. Once people get familiar with your mission and become supporters then they will also become brand advocates for you, helping you to increase fundraisers, get more people to events etc.

Having a loyal social media following is key, the more people you have sharing your content the further your message will be spread.

Remember, persistence is key, to grow your supporters organically without a big budget can take time so don’t expect amazing results overnight. With a good mission and the right target audience it is more than doable without big budgets.